The Lindstrom Foundation Fund


To promote the advancement of the art and science of ophthalmology by [1] supporting leaders in the field to pursue teaching, research, advocacy, service and mentoring, [2] providing educational assistance and practice opportunities to students who desire to pursue a career in medicine/ophthalmology, and [3] to provide vision eye care and related medical services to those in need.

Grant Making Guidelines

  • 1.) To provide grants to those persons and organizations that align with the mission of the Foundation.
  • 2.) To see above all else, to follow a course of dealing with all constituents with honesty, integrity, demonstrated respect for all peoples, and to provide assistance of the highest quality attainable.
  • 3.) To provide grants to encourage research directed at improving the delivery of health care and rated services by those that practice the healing art of ophthalmology.
  • 4.) To provide grants and fellowships to encourage professors, teachers and students to further their educational studies to enhance medical care and advance the practice of ophthalmology.
  • 5.) To provide grants to those who engage in service to and advocacy on behalf of the profession of ophthalmology.
  • 6.) To provide grants to foster more meaningful mentoring programs for those who will practice the healing art of ophthalmology and related health care.
  • 7.) To provide vision, eye care and related medical services to those who are less fortunate in the United States and abroad.