The Vision Project

Dr. Richard Lindstrom

The Vision Project (TVP) provides medically necessary eye care services and surgeries at no cost for eligible patients. MEF works directly with community partners and optometrists to coordinate the referral, application, and approval process for eligible patients. It is a volunteer effort supported by MEC surgeons and team members, along with the assistance of anesthetists and vendors willing to donate their time, expertise, equipment and supplies.

This charity outreach program began in 2004 after Dr. Elizabeth A. Davis, board-certified ophthalmologist and partner of Minnesota Eye Consultants (MEC), noticed an increase in the number of patients in need of surgical care, but without the means to afford it. With Dr. Davis’ continued leadership of the program and tireless efforts to encourage a spirit of volunteerism and charity at MEC, TVP has grown from a small two-day surgical event to a year-round program offering referral services, extended post-operative care, and non-surgical eye care services.

Operation Eyesight“It has truly been rewarding to serve these folks by engaging our entire team -- surgeons, physicians, clinic professionals and even their families – in this volunteer effort,” said Dr. Davis. “Our goal now is to inspire other practices, medical providers and volunteers to help serve the growing needs for these patients.”

She added, “We all benefit in this effort by ensuring that these patients receive the medical attention they deserve, especially in light of the financial difficulties or special challenges they face every day,” said Dr. Davis. “It’s our way of giving back to the community and supporting people who can benefit from the care and attention of others."

Patients who qualify for The Vision Project surgical procedures are not Medicaid eligible and have no other means of financial support to correct their vision problem. If you currently know of an individual in this category, please contact a member of our Vision Project Committee by calling 952-346-2192 or emailing

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