The Vision Project

The Vision Project is the Minnesota Eye Foundation’s longstanding charitable program and is a celebration of volunteerism. During the program’s annual two-day event, ophthalmologists perform no-cost cataract and glaucoma surgeries benefiting Minnesotans unable to afford care. The program is a volunteer effort supported by a group of optometrists, nurses, and anesthetists willing to donate their time and expertise to assist those less fortunate. The Foundation works to match eligible patients with volunteer surgeons and provides a financial stipend to subsidize the cost of supplies and equipment required for each procedure.

By leveraging the combined strength of an established charitable organization along with volunteer surgeons, The Vision Project assists low-income, uninsured individuals who wouldn’t otherwise be able to obtain eye care on their own.

The program not only eliminates the costs associated with the surgical procedure, but by working with its partners, the Minnesota Eye Foundation is able to also subsidize the costs associated with the initial evaluation and testing, post-operative care, and medications for patients.

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